Andy Wolfe Sunglasses Online with Shades For The People

Andy Wolf Sunglasses Online with Shades For The People

Sunglasses can be the exclamation point to your whole entire outfit. For some, one’s signature look is not complete without it. Take style icons Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, Victoria Beckham, and fashion blogger Thrifts and Threads just to name a few of these style mavens who are rarely caught without the right pair that perfectly frames their faces. This is the same notion on why Shades for the People was conceptualized. SFTB was made for the fellow sunglass-obsessed, who are constantly on the look out for new and exciting brands who deliver exceptional design and incredible value. For many in some way, having the right pair of shades is a way of life.

It’s no wonder that when we stumbled across Austrian label Andy Wolf’s collection of eyewear, we knew we had to get our hands on it, and more importantly — be the first to carry it online. A new division of Andy Wolf Eyewear, Andy Wolf was conceived in 2015, focusing on exciting color combinations, classic eyewear shapes,  and abstract designs based around the 70s. Not only are the frames stylish in design, but they’re also specially fitted with Zeiss lenses which provide precision optics to deliver a high visual experience. 


But don’t get us wrong—just because we’re the first to carry Andy Wolf online, doesn’t mean it hasn’t graced the faces of some of your favorite stylish celebs. Beyonce was spotted rocking a pair of Andy Wolf sunnies on her recent trip to Côte d’Azur. In fact they have a pretty huge cult following, and can be seen in some of the best style mags such as Wonderland, Marie Claire, and Vogue. For people who gravitate towards a retro-feel

Andy Wolf boasts a 90 step process to make a single pair of their coveted eyewear. Made in Austria, inspection is meticulously checked to ensure the best comfort and pass each test standard before it’s finally worn by you. In the field of eyewear, obsessiveness is a good thing. This is why carrying brands like Andy Wolf, aligns with what Shades for the People is all about— that every detail has to be pretty much perfect for glasses to be both beautiful and functional in design. We hope you’re as smitten with Andy Wolf as we are. With their multiple materials and textures in their frames, the only hard part is holding yourself back from collecting it all.

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