Millicent Large Round Sunglasses By Andy Wolf – Shades For The People

Millicent by Andy Wolf


One word to describe the Millicent is Groovy! The Millicent is part of the Andy Wolf Love Capsule, which embodies the passion for unusual new designs and exciting color combinations. The inspiration is a tribute to the wild '70s. Styles that still influence the fashion world today like no other. These frames feature a shiny finishing. This is a limited edition piece and only 500 of each were produced. You'll look far out, baby!

Indulge your passion for colors and tints: single, graduated or customized– ZEISS makes it happen. Most importantly, sunglass lenses provide 100% UV protection and high-contrast when it is needed most, e.g. while gliding, skiing or cycling, etc. – especially in bright light.

Each pair of Millicent frames are fitted with certified ZEISS lenses for optimal quality.

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